The State of Utah 2016 Legislative session is considering two medicinal cannabis bills:

Bill SB0073 - To allow the use of the whole cannabis plant
Bill SB0089 (S01) - To allow the use of a single cannabinoid extract Cannabidiol (CBD)

Many of my patients, family, and friends have asked me about which of these two bills I support. My answer to everyone is the same at this time — I do not discuss my support for either bill. Due to my unique qualifications as an American Board of Anesthesiology board-certified Anesthesiologist and board-certified Pain Management Physician, I offer only data regarding this topic. It is presently in the hands of the Utah legislators to make the decision — I remain neutral in my support of these bills to better serve as a resource for those who need more information from the standpoint of a medical expert. I will express my opinions in November when I cast a ballot.

I encourage all people to become more informed on any topic that interests them. I have posted educational links below.

I have been asked by many people what was on the slides handed to the Senators at the February 4, 2016 senate sub-committee meeting. Because I have received so many of thee requests, I have posted the slides below.

Slide show presented to the Utah Senate Sub-Committee on February 4, 2016 during SB73 hearing:
Much of the summarized information regarding the known receptor binding properties of the compounds in cannabis is found in this journal article, which summarizes a great deal of research:

Many people have pointed out that the United States does not have guidelines on how to prescribe medicinal cannabis. Many of our current medical treatment guidelines use the infrastructure of other nations' guidelines as a framework to build our own. I found this article to be useful in helping others understand how it is being used outside of the United States:

I have also found this data pool useful in keeping up-to-date on current research regarding medicinal cannabis.  

"The purpose of the Center is to coordinate rigorous scientific studies to assess the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical conditions. The CMCR is the result of Senate Bills SB 847 (Vasconcellos, 1999) and SB 295 (2003), passed by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gray Davis. The legislation enabled a program overseeing objective, high quality medical research that will enhance understanding of the efficacy and adverse effects of marijuana as a pharmacological agent." - CMCR

Steven Pulley M.D.

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