Omega's Pain Education Center

Welcome to Omega Intervential Pain's Education Center. Here you will find many links of different pain treatments. In no way are these resources meant to diagnose or treat any pain or illness. Please consult a physician for treatment.

Pain is a devastating condition that affects millions of people every day. Its pervasiveness knows no bounds and invades lives in every aspect; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Because pain takes such a major toll on an individual's overall well-being, many lives, jobs, and relationships have been irreparably damaged and even destroyed due to the negative effects of pain. It is important that you find the right tools to become well-informed about your condition to find a treatment to help you before pain affects your life.

"Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." - Sun Tzu; The Art of War

One of my primary goals is to educate my patients about the disease that has so significantly affected them. Understanding of the origin, treatment, and course of the disease process will allow each patient to prepare for the battle that lies ahead. In most cases, I have found that my new patients have let pain control every aspect of their lives. They have not found the cause of their pain and therefore have not been able to find the proper solution. Here at Omega, we hope to provide patients with the instruments they need to stop the pain and take back their lives.

The goal for the pain disorders section of this website is to provide information to help individuals further understand what is affecting them. They can use that information to turn the tide in their struggle with pain. By finding the unique cause of your pain and addressing it head on with effective treatment options, you can get back to enjoying what you love without the constant nagging of chronic pain holding you back. Let Omega help you find the solutions you need to find this comfort and freedom.


Steven Pulley M.D