Utah Pain Management

Pain interferes with the lives of more Utahns than you would imagine. Whether chronic or acute, pain has the potential to completely consume the day-to-day lives of those it affects. While some are able to simply start an over-the-counter pain reliever regime to alleviate the pain until it passes, others find that relief from their pain symptoms requires more complex treatment methods. As pain symptoms progress, many pain sufferers that aren't able to effectively control them resort to giving up their favorite sports or activities to avoid the pain. Although this may seem like the only alternative for some, it certainly doesn't have to be. When you gain a basic understanding of your pain and find the treatment method(s) that work, you can enjoy your favorite activities without the chronic or acute pain that stopped you in the past.

Where Does Pain Come From?

Pain can have a variety of causes depending on the location, duration, and feeling of the symptoms. Because the cause of pain varies greatly in severity — ranging from something as simple as a muscle strain to serious infections — it is important that patients who are experiencing unusual pain see a physician to determine its cause as quickly as possible. For more information on the possible causes for your pain symptoms, please visit our online pain education center.

What are the Treatment Options?

Treatment options for pain vary depending on the cause, location, and severity of the symptoms. Some of the treatments that may be prescribed include:

For more information on the pain management options available in Utah, or to find out how to schedule an appointment with Omega Pain Clinic, please contact us at 801-261-4988.

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