Utah Pain Treatment Center

Here is where you wlll find the many treatments available at Omega Pain Clinic in Salt Lake City, UT.

Understanding of the origin, treatment, and course of the disease process will allow each patient to prepare for the battle that lies ahead. In most cases, we have found that new patients have let pain control every aspect of their lives. They have not determined the cause of their pain and therefore have not been able to find the right solution. Here at Omega we hope to provide patients with the instruments they need to stop the pain and take back their lives.

We are committed to educating patients so they can take an active role in their recovery process. The goal for this section of our website is to provide information to help individuals further understand the treatment options for the condition that is affecting them; and use that information to turn the tide in their struggle with pain. By finding the unique cause of your pain and addressing it head on with effective treatment options, you can get back to enjoying what you love without the constant nagging of chronic pain holding you back. Let Omega help you find the solutions you need to find this comfort and freedom.

Click the links below for more information on the pain relieving treatments available to get a better understanding of the treatment options for your unique condition. Once you have gained a basic knowledge of possible treatments, you can contact our clinic via the information listed at the bottom of the page to schedule an evaluation with one of our experienced and skilled medical professionals. We look forward to helping you enjoy a fuller, more satisfying and pain-free life.