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Utah Disc Bulge Pain & Treatment

Bulging Disc Pain Management Utah

What is disc bulge? 


Discs are the cushions between each of the 33 vertebrae of the spine. Discs have three main purposes; to connect and form the spine, allow movement, and to absorb weight placed on the spine. Significant pressure often causes the discs to bulge. This can cause pain that can be treated using a number of different methods depending on severity.


How are bulging discs diagnosed?


The lower back is the most common place for bulging discs to form. However, this bulging can also occur in the upper back and the neck. Luckily, about half of those with bulging discs show no symptoms and experience no related pain. For patients whose bulging discs cause pain, a physician can determine which discs are bulging by conducting an MRI or CT scan. Diagnostic imaging is usually only requested by patients who experience severe pain. 


Utah Disc Bulge Treatment


Conservative treatments for bulging discs include over-the-counter medications (anti-inflammatory/pain relievers), epidural steroid injections, rest, chiropractic traction, short-term prescription opiate medications, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

If the conservative care methods listed above prove to be ineffective, then an open discectomy can be performed. Open discectomies are considered to be the first choice for treating herniated discs and relieving pain and pressure. Although this is a more invasive and drastic treatment option, it is sometimes necessary when the disc is severely damaged.

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