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Utah Disc Extrusion Pain & Treatment

Disc Extrusion Pain Treatment Specialists

What are extruded discs? 


Extruded discs commonly cause back pain. An extruded disc is a specific form of herniated disc that can cause acute pain and stiffness in the back. Luckily, this condition is both treatable and preventable.

The lower back (lumbar) is the most common area for extruded discs because of the daily torque and stress that is put upon the discs in this area. However, this type of injury can occur in the upper back and neck, as well. The older a person gets, the more likely it is that they are going to have disc problems like rupturing or expansion.


Discs are made of a gel-like center that is known as nucleus pulposis and a tough outer layer called annulus fibrosis. These fragile discs can become injured when the gel-like center is smashed and pushed through the annulus fibrosis, causing the rest of the disc to expand in the spinal cord. If left untreated, the ruptured disc may become sequestrated, meaning the material of the disc ends up in the spinal column, causing pain in some and numbness in others.


Utah Disc Extrusion Pain Treatment


Besides normal deterioration, extruded discs can form from an injury or strain to the back (usually heavy lifting or moving too quickly). If a disc is injured this way, the doctor will likely recommend NSAIDs and rest. If this fails to provide relief, an epidural steroid injection will likely be ordered to reduce pain and swelling. With proper rest, an extruded disc usually won't need surgical intervention for pain relief as discs actually have the ability to reabsorb the extruded material in time.


For those who don't find relief from these conservative methods, surgery is the next step towards relief. Microdiscectomy is a common and minimally invasive procedure used in cases of severe extruded discs. A patient will be asked to rest and limit mobility for about a month after the surgery takes place. Exercise and a healthy diet are important tools to prevent spinal degeneration.


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