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Paula Weaver PA-C

     My name is Paula and I live in Salt Lake City.  I am originally from St. George (born and raised) but came up north for school.   Strangely enough one of my favorite hobbies is working on my house and yard.  I have been known to spend my weekends covered in dirt in my backyard.   I also like to road bike, snowboard, backpack, and canyoneering.   I started and finished my schooling at the University of Utah.  I received my bachelor’s in Behavioral Science and Health and moved on to get my master’s in Nutrition and finally made my way through the Physician Assistant program.


     Through my schooling I never thought about practicing in pain management.  I was always interested in primary care because I wanted to see my patients on a somewhat regular basis and get to know them well.  After graduating I realized I had the opportunity to be more a part of my patients’ lives in pain management than anywhere else.  Chronic pain is a very trying burden that many people unfortunately face.  My goal is to keep my patient’s as functional as possible and enjoying their lives.

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